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Punk Me

1The Perfect Door
5A Simple Line
7All Or Nothing
8Welcome To the Family
9Rewrite the Truth
10You Left Me Broken
11The Game
12Punk Me


« Punk Me… » is the second album of Noisy Vertigo. Behind this band name there I am, Clément Pévrier, a passionate musician who loves Punk rock and grunge music.

In this second record, I have put all my efforts trying to bring what I truly enjoy: fast and powerful songs with memorable melodies.

Always up for a challenge, I wanted this second album to completely reflect who I am: I composed the music, wrote the lyrics, sang and « screamed » without any vocal pitch correctors. I have recorded everything in my own house with the humble equipment I have – a computer, a guitare, and an eleven rack. Finally, I decided to draw the cover album and all the arts around it to achieve exactly what I had in mind.

Influenced by various types of music, the core inspiration for this album is what’s the closest to my heart in Punk Rock music: Bad Religion, The Offsprings, Sum41, Pennywise…and many other unknown bands !

For the past few years, I have been playing in several bands (Xmas Socks, Waffle Machine, Super Super).

Mix/Master: Billy Tucker