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Struggle With…

1Knock Down
2Green Light Makes You Feel Better
3Up The Limits
4No More Rice
5Back In The Box
7Scrap Girl
8Not Enough
9She Will Never Exist
10Maria Juana
11Where Is My Car
12Mickael Is Tied


« Struggle with… » is the very first album of Noisy Vertigo. Behind this band name there I am, Clément Pévrier, a passionate musician who loves Punk rock and grunge music.

In this first album, I have put all my efforts trying to bring what I truly enjoy: fast and powerful songs with memorable melodies.

Always up for a challenge, I wanted this first album to completely reflect who I am: I composed the music, wrote the lyrics, sang and « screamed » without any vocal pitch correctors. I have recorded everything in my own house with the humble equipment I have – a computer, a guitare, and an eleven rack. Finally, I decided to draw the cover album and all the arts around it to achieve exactly what I had in mind.

Influenced by various types of music, the core inspiration for this album is what’s the closest to my heart, rock music: Nirvana, The Subways, The Vines, The Hives, Dirty Rodeo, The Strokes, Bad Religion, The Offsprings, Puddle of Mudd, Arctic Monkeys, Deportivo, The libertines, Linkin Park, Franz Ferdinand, Last Train, Liily, Blackwaters, Kasabian, Muse, RATM, RHCP, Slaves, Sum41, SOAD, Vex Red, Weezer…and many other unknown bands !

For the past few years, I have been playing in several bands (Xmas Socks, Waffle Machine, Super Super). I was very lucky to have Edouard from Super Super composing « No more rice » for me. I’ve added lyrics and brought the song to life in this album.

Mastering by : Billy Tucker

We hope you’ll enjoy this first solo album !